Work-Related Injury Treatment In Palm Beach Gardens

Thousands of Florida residents are forced to take time off due to injuries sustained within the workplace each year, many of them right here in Palm Beach Gardens. This can be a frustrating situation, especially when most people do not have the means to stay at home and cover the cost of treatment for an injury. It is important to seek medical attention whenever an injury occurs, and chiropractic treatments here at Basis Medical can help to improve symptoms, promote faster healing, and get you back to work as soon as possible.


Types of Work-Related Injuries

The most common reasons for a work-related injury in Palm Beach Gardens are overexertion, repetitive stress injuries, falls, slips or trips, equipment-related injuries, and work-related automobile injuries. These can lead to:

    • Strains or Sprains
    • Tendonitis
    • Tennis Elbow
    • Worn-out Joints
    • Bone Fractures
    • Carpal Tunnel
    • Back Strains, Spasms, or Sprains
    • Herniated Discs
    • Knee Injury
    • Head or Brain Injury
    • Soft Tissue Damage
    • Crushed Bones Due to Equipment
    • Whiplash

Though the severity of each of these injuries varies, chiropractic treatment is an effective way of treating pain, regaining mobility, and reducing time spent at home. These treatment plans are all-natural, requiring no medication or surgery, they are cost-effective, and the best plan can be determined during the consultation appointment through X-Rays or other imaging techniques. This will help your chiropractor pinpoint areas of pain and whether or not there are underlying injuries that require different attention.


Benefits of Chiropractic Treatments and Physical Therapy

The treatments that we provide in Palm Beach Gardens are designed with you in mind, and your individual needs are taken into consideration when consulting with the chiropractic or physical therapy team. The benefits of chiropractic care for work-related injuries include:

    • Increased mobility and range of motion can not only get you back to work sooner and more comfortably, but it can help prevent future injury due to lack of motion or strain on muscles and joints with reduced mobility.
    • Faster healing as the spine, neck, and other joints are moved into correct alignment which allows the body to take over the healing process more effectively.
    • Preventative measures for future injuries such as education on correct movement and stretches/exercises that can be done at home to ease pain or work-related tension.
    • Reduced pain through manipulation and massage techniques.
    • Better blood flow is another way of promoting faster healing.
    • Reduced tension from stress, which can cause strain and other injuries due to repetition stress placed on the musculoskeletal system.
    • Reduced inflammation, which is a cause of pain in joints and muscles.

Physical therapy can be combined with chiropractic treatment to offer the most effective form of treatment for work-related injuries. The goal of physical therapy is to get you back to full mobility. This can involve different plans to strengthen and stretch the injured muscles or joints and also provide education for at-home exercises that can be done to ensure you have a means for pain relief at home and at work. Our physical therapy and chiropractic teams can help you through manipulation techniques, massage, exercise, and education to speed up the healing process and ensure you have the education and strength to prevent future injury.

For jobs that require extensive exertion of the body to lift, carry, or load things, our chiropractors and physical therapists can give you the proper tools and techniques to complete those tasks in the safest way. In jobs where sitting for long periods of time is involved, the chiropractic team can ensure you know the best way to sit and align your spine and neck to prevent back pain. Regular chiropractic treatments can also be beneficial in pain management and making sure that the spine and neck remain properly aligned.


Getting Help For A Work-Related Injury

For anyone with a work-related injury in Palm Beach Gardens, the most vital step towards a pain-free recovery is to seek treatment. Our chiropractic services are a cost-effective, all-natural way to both treat your pain and prevent future pain from forcing you to take time away from work. If you are experiencing back or neck pain, tension in your muscles or joints, a lack of mobility or range of motion due to healed fractures or surgeries, a consultation with our chiropractic team is vital for your extended recovery.