Laser Therapy in Palm Beach Gardens

For just over 4 decades, low-level laser therapy (LLLT) has been used for the non-invasive treatment of a variety of issues. Our Palm Beach Gardens laser therapy has proven very effective at treating inflammation, edema, chronic pain, and it may also accelerate the healing of nerves, tendons, and muscles. This is an effective treatment for issues that may not warrant surgery or drugs, or where they may be contraindicated. The wide range of applications and the relative safety of laser therapy has made it a very useful and effective tool for promoting health and wellness.

About Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, uses specific frequencies of light to affect cellular function within the body. Unlike surgical lasers, the lasers used in LLLT are made of visible red or near-infrared light and are “Class 3” or “Class 3B” lasers, which are very low power. They are incapable of burning skin, but they may still pose a danger if shined in the eye. While traditional medical lasers produce thermal effects in living tissue, LLLT works by photochemical means and may be likened (in a very general sense) to plants turning sunlight into energy.

Our Palm Beach Gardens laser therapy treatments can be beneficial is to increase the energy production capacity of a cell. The type of cell that is being targeted will determine the wavelengths of light used, as different types of cells have different optical windows. In lasers that emit visible red to near-infrared light, the enzyme “cytochrome c oxidase” within mitochondria absorbs the light, and through a light-induced chemical reaction involving nitrous oxide and oxygen, allows the mitochondria to produce ATP more efficiently, increasing cellular respiration and providing more energy to the cell it is within. This essentially speeds up the function of the cell while also reducing oxidative stress, leading to faster healing and more effective functioning all around.

Laser therapy is an excellent add-on treatment to use in combination with our Palm Beach Gardens chiropractic therapies for optimal healing.

Benefits of Laser Therapy


Laser Therapy Treatments in Palm Beach Gardens

Laser therapy can be beneficial for a variety of conditions that our clients in Palm Beach Gardens face. Some of laser therapy’s greatest successes have been in treating conditions that have not responded to more traditional treatments, such as neuropathic pain and chronic pain conditions. In particular, laser therapy has proven extremely effective at treating diabetic neuropathy, a nerve pain condition that commonly results from chronic high blood sugar and most frequently occurs in the legs or feet. Laser therapy can reduce the pain caused by this condition as well as the numbness and tingling it often produces. LLLT is also effective at treating a variety of other conditions that produce pain, inflammation, and swelling and includes:

Is Laser Therapy Right For Me?

Laser therapy is an extremely safe treatment method, as there are very few risks or complications that may occur. That being said, other therapies such as physical therapy, massage therapy, or acupuncture may be more appropriate depending on the condition that is being treated. If you’re wondering if laser therapy is right for you, give us a call or come by our Palm Beach Gardens location to see if this easy and safe treatment would be right for you.

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