Improving Health, Wellbeing & Performance

This is not urgent care.

Formerly Gardens Health & Wellness, multi-specialty practice Basis Medical delivers modern quality medical and wellbeing care in a comfortable, unhurried and welcoming environment. For individuals and families, Basis Medical is the foundation of your improving health, wellbeing and performance.

We accept most major insurance.

DR. Philip Scuderi

Basis Medical founding physician, Dr. Philip Scuderi, developed Basis Medical as a complement to your other medical, wellbeing and self-care providers. We deliver the full range of life care, encompassing serious injury care and medical, therapeutic, rehabilitative and whole body wellbeing solutions.

Concierge Medicine

Basis Medical is a concierge medical practice. There are no costly entry fees or membership dues. Concierge medicine describes open communication, unhurried, respectful and educational engagement with providers who know you.

Basis Medical serves those who are injured, ill or experiencing decreased function due to an accident, exposure, disease or the effects of aging. Medical Alternative Addiction Treatment & Recovery addresses the brain disease of addiction.