Massage Therapy in Palm Beach Gardens

Massage therapy is possibly one of the oldest and most effective healthcare practices around. That being said, the massage therapy that we provide at our Palm Beach Gardens location is targeted, therapeutic, and specifically designed to accelerate healing, reduce stress, increase mobility, and improve mood. This can be an effective complement to almost any wellness or fitness regimen and provides multiple benefits with zero drawbacks.

About Massage Therapy

Basis Medical started out as a chiropractic and physical therapy provider, so massage therapy was a natural next step. This type of therapy has many benefits, not only in the physical and psychological effects but also its wide accessibility, very low risk, and low cost. Our Palm Beach Gardens massage therapy services can improve mood, relax muscles and joints, accelerate recovery and relieve depression and anxiety. The neurological effects are just as profound as the physical, as repeated massage can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and increase levels of the neurotransmitter GABA, a calming and restorative neurotransmitter.

Massage treatments to restore, replenish and revive for relaxed, healthier tissues.

Our Massage Therapy Services

There is a reason that massage therapy has sustained the generations for thousands of years. The inherent body and mind benefits of massage therapy are incomparable. Discover more about the many ways we employ the healing power of touch for our Palm Beach Gardens clients.

Enjoy a relaxing and replenishing session, giving your muscles and tissues what they really need. Our massage therapist will deliver a restorative massage using kneading, compression and rhythmic techniques.

A sports massage is an excellent way to speed up the natural healing process of muscles. Your massage therapist will inquire as to what areas you’d like to focus on, and through targeted compression and massage, will usher in healthful, healing fluids deep into the muscles and tissues.  

This ancient massage treatment is nourishing to the body and senses. Using hot stones, your therapist will offer you a custom treatment, while utilizing warmed, water-weathered stones for added relaxation and penetration deep within the tissues.

We all experience tension, leading to knots, pain or discomfort. A custom deep tissue massage focuses on the “pain” points you’re experiencing throughout the body, focusing on massaging out deep-seeded tightness that has accumulated within the muscles.

Our bodies naturally retain water for different reasons such as a high sodium diet, aggravated joints, or a compromised lymph system. Lymphatic massage is the antidote to water retention and inflammation. Your massage therapist will perform a soothing, smoothing massage on the areas of concern, which can include the legs, arms, and neck. Each gliding motion pushes fluids closer to the lymph nodules, instigating the body to naturally flush a buildup of fluids and toxins within the body, which you eliminate naturally.

This journey of the senses begins with an introduction to a variety of aromatherapy essential oils. Choosing the blend that suits your emotional state that day, your massage therapist will impart these natural healing notes within your massage session, taking you on a journey that is as nourishing to the body as it is to the mind.


Benefits of Massage Therapy

Muscle Therapy

Soothe active or overused muscles during a sports massage or deep tissue massage. These targeted treatments will help to regenerate fatigued or strained muscles and improve circulation, ushering in fresh nutrients for enhanced repair.

Tissue Restoration

Massage therapy is excellent for reducing tension, reducing fluid buildup, and mobilizing or softening scar tissue that may be causing pain or discomfort deep within the tissues of the body. Let our Palm Beach Gardens massage therapists release the knots and tension during a specialized massage therapy session.

Joint Therapy

Our joints can accumulate wear and tear over time, or be strained due to improper motion. Both can cause subtle stress on the joints, leading to pain and inflammation. Treating the joints during a massage therapy session can help dramatically improve the health of the tissues by improving circulation, initiating the body’s own ability to repair, while also reducing inflammation.


As with joint therapy, massage therapy can dramatically improve the body’s ability to repair itself by manually activating the lymphatic system to remove waste products from muscles, fat, and other tissues, helping them repair themselves. This form of natural healing has been used for thousands of years to help repair and restore the body, offering healthier, younger-acting tissues that operate more effectively and efficiently all throughout the body.

Is Massage Therapy Right For Me?

Massage therapy provides a very wide range of benefits while posing almost no risks, so almost anyone can benefit from this relaxing and helpful therapy. No matter what kind of issues someone is struggling with physically, or even mentally, massage therapy can help. The benefits of massage therapy may be minimal or enormous, depending on the particular health issues someone is facing. Anxiety and poor posture may be improved slightly, but joint pain, stiffness, reduced mobility, stress, and a variety of injuries may show significant improvement. If you are thinking about massage therapy in Palm Beach Gardens, come see our professionals and find out how we can help you heal today.

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