IV Therapy in Palm Beach Gardens

IV Therapy is the ideal solution for quickly and efficiently delivering vitamins and minerals throughout the body. It is the most bioavailable solution for supplementation, with a 90% absorption rate, as the cocktail of vitamins and minerals is delivered directly via the bloodstream. Our Palm Beach Springs IV Therapy is customized for each patient by our team of administering nurses, and aims to improve things like hydration, energy, immunity, metabolism, detoxification, skin health, antioxidant levels and more.

About IV Therapy

There are two main delivery systems for IV Therapy: via the bloodstream or intramuscularly. The two differ in that an intramuscular injection typically includes one type of nutrient and is completed in seconds. A traditional IV Therapy “bag” is customizable, and offers a much greater assortment of nutrients, which is delivered via the bloodstream. This type of treatment takes about an hour to absorb into the body.


What To Expect

Receiving our Palm Beach Gardens IV Therapy treatment is unlike anything else in the wellness and recovery space. You will begin your IV Therapy journey by meeting with our Nurse Practitioner to discuss your needs. She will determine the types of supplementation that will get you feeling like the best version of yourself – whether that’s a need to jumpstart your metabolism, detox your body, boost your immune system or supplement your body’s natural mineral content.

Once your unique cocktail blend is prepared, you will be hooked up to your IV Therapy in the comfort of one of our lounge chairs located in our therapy suite. Relax and usher in the healing benefits of your IV Therapy treatment during this 1-hour procedure. When you’re finished, you will leave feeling immediately restored and replenished.

In just a 1-hour session, restore radical wellness with one of our IV Therapy treatments.

Palm Beach Gardens IV Therapy

Our IV Therapy cocktail menu features a selection of curated blends to restore your body to it’s optimal potential, infused with uplifting vitamins and minerals to reawaken your body from skin to soul.


A Basis favorite, this blend provides increased energy, improved mental clarity and much, much more. Leave feeling supercharged and revitalized. This formulation includes: Ascorbic Acid, Methylcobalimine, Mag. Sulfate, B-Complex, Trace Minerals and Calcium Gluconate. $175

Target, treat and eliminate unwanted toxins with this cleansing cocktail, featuring an EDTA/Glutathione push. Initiate a natural cleanse to restore balance to the gut, brain and body. This formulation includes: EDTA, Methylcobalimine, B-Complex and a Glutathione Push. $200

Radically strengthen your natural defense system with this immunity blend, excellent for preventing seasonal disease or powering up a compromised immune system. This formulation includes: Ascorbic Acid, Mag. Sulfate, Trace Minerals and a Glutathione Push. $185

Featuring a special blend of metabolism-boosting ingredients, this slimming IV cocktail is designed to support the lymphatic system while initiating a natural flush to de-bloat and detox the body. This formulation includes: Meyers Base, Carnitine and Arginine. $175

Give your body and muscular system the nutrients it craves to repair and thrive with the help of extra Amino Acids and L-Carnitine. This IV blend delivers a combination of anti-aging properties for optimal performance. This formulation includes: Signature Base, Extra BCAA and L-Carnitine. $185

The original late-night cure, this IV is designed to radically restore and replenish the body’s natural reserves: Zofran to target nausea, fluids to rehydrate the body and essential vitamins and trace minerals to revive. This formulation includes: Meyers Base, Zofran and a Glutathione Push. $185

Our Basis beauty cocktail features a special blend to hydrate for glowing, supple skin and nutrients to initiate strong, healthy growth for hair, skin and nails. This formulation includes: Signature Base and Extra BCAA. $175

IV Boosters

Add one of these to any IV Therapy cocktail.

Add this Glutathione Push to any of our IV Therapy treatments for an extra dose of antioxidant therapy. $40

Add this vitamin-C booster to any IV Therapy treatment for an instant increase in energy. $25

This IV booster includes a dose of Zofran, ideal for treating the symptoms of nausea. $25

IM Boosters

Enjoy an immediate boost with one of these intramuscular injections, available as a standalone treatment.

A direct shot of antioxidant therapy delivered intramuscularly. 1 ML $40

A direct shot of energy delivered intramuscularly. .2 ML $25

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