Whiplash Treatment In Palm Beach Gardens

Whiplash is the most common injury as a result of an accident or sports-related incident in Palm Beach Gardens. It is caused by a rapid back and forth motion in the head and neck and can lead to a host of symptoms that affect both mental and physical health. Most commonly, these injuries are sustained in car accidents, through contact sports or physical abuse or trauma, and any other activity (such as riding on roller coasters) that causes rapid neck movement. Seeking chiropractic treatment for whiplash and associated symptoms can prevent more serious and disabling injuries in the future, especially as the neck and the base of the head are so concentrated in important nerves.


Whiplash Related Injuries and How They Are Treated

Spinal manipulation and realignment is the most effective form of chiropractic treatment for individuals experiencing whiplash. By realigning the neck and spine, chiropractors are able to promote the natural healing process within the body as well as prevent further injury. Because of weakened neck stability due to whiplash, people experiencing those injuries tend to have further injuries relating to the neck or spine in the future, so it is important to treat the milder symptoms before they get worse. 93% of people who sought chiropractic treatment for whiplash saw significant decreases in pain and extended recovery.

The professionals at our Palm Beach Gardens whiplash treatment center use a variety of techniques to target problem areas in the body and promote healing through all-natural holistic therapies. Joint and muscle dysfunction causes decreased range of motion and increases the stress and tension on affected and injured areas which can cause pain. Spinal manipulation and massage realign the neck and spine, taking pressure off of the muscles, and different exercises and stretching techniques help in mobility and strength. Spinal manipulation can also improve symptoms of faulty movement, disc derangement, and shoulder pain that radiates down the arm.

These chiropractic treatments can also improve symptoms of numbness or tingling, headaches, muscle spasms, dizziness, ringing in the ears and blurred vision due to properly aligning the spine and neck and easing the debilitating pain some might feel.


Palm Beach Gardens Treatments for Whiplash

A combination of spinal and neck manipulation, muscle relaxation or stimulation, exercise, and lifestyle changes are all ways in which chiropractors alleviate whiplash symptoms. Exercises and stretching techniques can help individuals with neck pain strengthen the muscles, especially if weakened due to immobilization during the healing process. These can also provide guidance for stretches to be done at home or at work if the individual is experiencing some type of pain.

Education and lifestyle changes are important for the continued recovery of individuals experiencing whiplash symptoms. Because they are more susceptible to further injury to the neck area, it is important that chiropractors provide techniques for keeping proper alignment and for how to deal with pain if it occurs. Lifestyle changes may include recommendations for posture, ways to sit at a desk without straining the neck or spine, stretches that can be done to relieve tension buildup, and even exercises to do each night to strengthen the affected muscles and joints. These can all influence a person’s prognosis for a full recovery long-term.

Other ways that whiplash injuries can be treated are through:

    • Spinal mobilization is a gentler form of realignment for people with more severe injuries
    • Massage of the muscles and joints to release tension and boost blood flow
    • Electrical stimulation of the muscles
    • Hot and cold therapy to release strain
    • Ultrasound or laser therapy

Typically, whiplash consists of a few different symptoms and if left untreated it can cause larger problems for the neck and spine and overall musculoskeletal system, so our chiropractors in Palm Beach Gardens may suggest a couple of different treatments to give you the best and safest overall care plan. The purpose of all of these treatments is to reduce pain, increase mobility, and prevent further, possibly more serious injury. Combining these chiropractic treatments with rehabilitative physical therapy and massage therapy can rid you of pain completely and improve your quality of life.

If you are experiencing pain associated with whiplash, seek chiropractic treatment as soon after the injury as possible to give you the best chance at recovery. Starting sooner will not only relieve your pain quicker, but it decreases the chance of worsening symptoms that may lead to the need for invasive and risky surgical treatments with longer recovery time. All-natural chiropractic care is non-invasive, safe, and effective for a pain-free life.