Hand Pain Chiropractic Wellness Treatments

Hand pain is an extremely common pain condition, as aside from the back, it is one of the most commonly reported upper-body pain conditions. There are many different causes for hand pain, some minor and easily heald, while others may produce chronic hand pain and require treatment. Getting an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for hand pain can make all the difference in the world, and the professionals at our Palm Beach chiropractic wellness center are ready to help.

Hand Pain

Common Causes of Hand Pain In Palm Beach County

Many different disorders, injuries, and conditions can produce hand pain. While some issues such as muscle strains or sprains may heal on their own if someone is careful, other causes may require treatment if someone hopes to find relief from hand pain. Some of the more common causes of hand pain today include:

    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist)
    • Consistent and Repetitive Strain (such as using tools, keyboard, or a mouse regularly)
    • Sporting Injuries (jammed or dislocated fingers)
    • Ganglion Cyst (typically harmless, they can interfere with joints or irritate nerves resulting in pain)
    • Stenosing Tenosynovitis aka “Trigger Finger” (tendon sheath swelling, most common at the base of the thumb)
    • Arthritis (including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis)
    • Accidents (from sports, work, falls, etc.)

This is a small sample of some of the causes of hand pain, but there are many dozens or even hundreds more. Finding a comprehensive treatment center that can accurately diagnose the cause of hand pain can greatly speed up the treatment process, allowing someone to find relief from hand pain as soon as possible.

Diagnosing Hand Pain

Finding out the exact cause of hand pain can allow our wellness professionals to tailor a unique treatment plan for each individual who comes through our doors. Being able to quickly and accurately diagnose the cause of hand pain is a critical first step in treatment, as knowing the exact cause can rule out many treatment options which may have had little or no effect on that particular issue.

We utilize some of the latest and most effective therapeutic techniques to resolve hand pain and provide relief for our clients. Because there are so many potential causes of hand pain, we have gathered a substantial arsenal of treatment options that can be used independently, or in combination with one another to provide relief. For hand pain caused by nerve or tendon issues, laser therapy and massage may be most effective, whereas pain caused by chronic strain may benefit more from physical therapy.

Some cases of wrist pain may resolve on their own, such as minor injuries or infrequent strain, but other issues may progress and grow worse over time. If hand pain does not improve within a week or so, this could be a sign that treatment is required. Some other signs that something more than rest is needed could include:

    • Redness and Swelling
    • Stiffness or Reduced Range of Motion
    • The Pain Suddenly Intensifies
    • Pain Radiates from the Hand Up the Arm
    • Initial Hand Pain Spreads to Other Parts of the Hand

If you are experiencing any of these issues, it is highly recommended to seek treatment and care as soon as possible, as these symptoms could indicate that the cause of hand pain is something serious. This could lead to more complications later, and the pain will most likely remain constant, or even intensify as time passes. The hands are extremely dextrous and agile parts of the body, as they contain over 2 dozen bones. Taking a risk and avoiding treatment can create a wide range of potential complications in these very sensitive and fragile parts of the body.

Questions Your Palm Beach County Chiropractor May Ask

Before any treatment options can be prescribed, the cause of hand pain must be diagnosed. Some hand pain treatment centers will automatically opt for expensive and slow MRIs, X-rays, or CT scans which can delay treatment and prolong a client’s discomfort. While some conditions may eventually require scans such as these, in many cases they are an unnecessary and needlessly expensive detour. The professionals at our Palm Beach chiropractic wellness center can get a very good idea of the cause of someone’s hand pain by asking a few simple, noninvasive questions. Some of these questions may include:

    • Does your hand hurt all the time, or only when you use it?
    • Do certain movements cause pain, while others do not?
    • Do you experience numbness or tingling in your hand?
    • Does elevating your hand decrease the pain?

While these questions are very simple, when a trained chiropractor listens to the answers, this can enable them to narrow down the cause and determine the most effective treatment options for this particular condition. Stop by our Palm Beach chiropractic wellness center if you are struggling with hand pain and find relief today.