Ankle Pain Chiropractic Wellness Treatments

Ankle pain is one of the more common issues today, as between 9% to 15% of adults experience ankle pain every year. Additionally, ankle pain may be the result of an injury, or it could be an indicator that something more serious is developing. Getting professional care for ankle pain at our Palm Beach chiropractic wellness center can not only reduce ankle pain, it can also improve mobility and reduce the chances of further ankle complications later in life.

Ankle Pain

Common Causes of Ankle Pain In Palm Beach County

The causes of ankle pain can include injuries, which are some of the most common, but also muscular, nervous, or skeletal issues as well. These cases can be more subtle than an obvious injury and may seem minor at first. Some of the more subtle, but nonetheless serious, causes of ankle pain can include:

    • Arthritis (including gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis)
    • Achilles Tendinitis (inflammation of the Achilles tendon)
    • Bursitis (inflammation of the lubricating tissue within the ankle joint)
    • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (due to a pinched nerve, this causes pain and tingling at the ankle-foot junction)
    • Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus (lesions on the heel bone within the ankle joint; commonly caused by a repeated ankle injury)
    • Scleroderma (thickening of the skin and connective tissues)
    • Accidents (usually from sports, but also work, falls, etc.)

Here are just a few of the non-injury causes of ankle pain, although some of these can arise as a secondary effect of repeated or improperly healed ankle injuries. If someone wants relief from ankle pain, then finding the exact cause is critical, as some treatment methods will only improve certain underlying causes.

Diagnosing Ankle Pain

Getting an accurate and timely diagnosis for the cause of ankle pain can greatly shorten the treatment process. This will not only provide relief from pain sooner, but it can also prevent the issue from worsening, and avoid further complications. As soon as an accurate diagnosis is performed, our treatment professionals can begin crafting an individualized treatment plan for each client’s unique issues.

We employ a range of therapeutic methods in our treatment program due to the wide range of possible issues that can produce ankle pain. Some therapies will be more or less effective for specific issues, so finding the right one for each client is critical. For example, in cases of ankle pain caused by muscle or tendon issues, physical therapy and acupuncture may be effective, whereas in cases of ankle pain caused by bone or nerve issues, laser therapy and massage therapy may be most effective.

Ankle pain is not always a serious matter, and some ankle pain issues will heal over time so long as they are kept supported, elevated, and aren’t strained. That being said, there are many causes of ankle pain that may get worse over time and may require treatment to prevent further problems later. There are some telltale signs that this may be the case and medical help should be sought immediately. Some of these signs may include:

    • Severe Bruising or Swelling of the Ankle
    • Intense Pain When Putting Weight on the Ankle
    • Numbness or Tingling Near the Ankle
    • If Pain Does Not Improve Within the First Week

These are just a few of the warning signs that care and treatment are needed, but there may be many more depending on the particular issue. If someone is experiencing any of these issues, then it is highly recommended to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Questions Your Palm Beach County Chiropractor May Ask

At our Palm Beach chiropractic wellness center, the main goal of our professional diagnostic and treatment programs is to provide maximum relief in the shortest time possible. With this goal in mind, we begin the assessment by asking a set of pointed but simple questions. This can enable our team to narrow down the potential causes, develop a treatment plan, and get to work relieving ankle pain as soon as possible. Some of the questions our treatment professionals may ask include:

    • Do you feel a “catching” or “sticking” sensation when you move your ankle?
    • Does your ankle feel hot?
    • Have you noticed any reduction in range of motion?
    • Does your ankle hurt the same with or without weight on it?
    • Would you say you feel any pressure within your ankle?

These questions may seem simple, but to a trained professional, they can be extremely informative. Some treatment providers will insist on expensive and lengthy MRIs, CT scans, or X-rays immediately, and these scans do have their place. If these can be avoided, then treatment will cost less and can commence sooner. If an accurate diagnosis can be made without these cumbersome tests, our clients can experience relief from ankle pain sooner. If you’re struggling with ankle pain, come visit our Palm Beach chiropractic wellness center and see how we can help you find relief and freedom from ankle pain today.