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Our newest facility was custom-built to service all of our treatments, and is located in the Gulf Stream community of Delray Beach, just north of Downtown. We’re a highly reviewed chiropractor in Delray Beach, offering a host of complementary wellness services like physical therapy, hormone replacement therapy, regenerative medicine and more. Basis Medical began as a chiropractic office in 2001, founded by Dr. Phil Scuderi, D.C., DACACD. Consisting of a selection of treatments to help heal the body, our therapies employ hands-on spinal and musculoskeletal manipulation to relieve pain, restore optimal alignment and heal tissues without the use of surgery or medication. Our chiropractic treatments aim to restore optimal alignment, increase function and prevent future injury.
Basis Medical – Delray Beach
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Trusted Chiropractor in Delray Beach

The ultimate goal of our Delray Beach chiropractic therapies is to improve how your body feels and performs by moving it into optimal alignment, thus reducing or eliminating pain. We treat joints, muscles, nervous system, immune system, and pain receptors. Regular chiropractic appointments can also be used as a preventative treatment by reducing the degeneration of joints, improving circulation, increasing energy, improving sleep, counteracting stress, preventing illness, and reducing inflammation.

Our Services

Basis Medical, we offer all the latest and traditional treatments to restore your body to optimal health. Whether you’re looking to heal an injury, regenerate tissue formation or reach optimal performance, our team will custom-tailor a treatment program to meet your goals. Let us show you why we’re the #1 chiropractor in Delray Beach. We also offer the following wellness services.
Chiropractic Techniques We Utilize

Direct Thrust – Sometimes referred to as “Spinal Manipulation”, this treatment is the most common form of therapy used in the chiropractic setting. It focuses on alleviating symptoms by using swift, short movements to encourage spinal alignment.

Spinal Mobilization – Similar to Direct Thrust Technique, Spinal Mobilization uses controlled motions to help re-align the spine. While it aims to produce the same results at DTT, it does so by using a more gentle approach rather than swift, sharp movements. This is a great option for those with more advanced issues or who may have a fragile body composition, such as bone deterioration.

Articulatory Therapy – When you are looking for joint therapy, this is the ideal approach. Articulatory Therapy is performed by a therapist who slowly, and with control, maneuvers the joints to improve their range of motion. It is useful at alleviating stiffness and restoring mobility.

Myofascial Release – This field of therapy aims to treat the myofascial tissue: a system of tissues that support and connect the bodies musculature system. The treatment mimics that of massage therapy in that the practitioner will focus on the sources of pain or stiffness, and apply strategic pressure to help “release” the area.

Muscle Energy Technique – The goal of Muscle Energy Technique is similar to that of Myofascial Release, but requires the patient to participate in order to achieve the desired therapeutic results. As the patient engages the target muscle(s), the therapist follows up with applying strategic pressure to alleviate the stiffness and pain.

Indirect Positional Technique – When muscles are overworked, or too tight, they can cause the person pain. The result often favors certain muscles over others, and can cause imbalances in the body. Indirect Positional Technique helps realign the body by adjusting things like stance or posture to their intended position, and applying pressure to alleviate stiffness or pain.

Cervical Spine Manipulation – Headaches, upper back and shoulder pain that is caused by an imbalance in the spine are treated with Cervical Spine Manipulation. The techniques utilized are similar to Direct Thrust and Spinal Mobilization, but are targeted at the cervical spine to treat these particular areas and symptoms.

Functional Technique – This method of joint therapy adds in gentle pressure during range-of-motion therapy to help “release” the restricted movement. This technique requires an in-depth knowledge of the person’s physiology to achieve optimal results.

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Basis Medical is open 6 days a week, from 8:30am – 7pm Monday thru Friday, and from 9am – 1pm on Saturdays. To schedule an appointment at our Palm Beach Gardens or Delray Beach office, please call 561-775-4900.