Fitness Training In Delray Beach

Physical activity has never been more important, and our Delray Beach fitness training center not only accommodates athletes looking to enhance performance, but our trainers specialize in fitness recovery as well. Our fitness center provides a system of Matrix fitness machines, resistance training, and functional movements that can be completed across the large, open-turf floor. The combination of education and exercise with one of our personal trainers can enhance your recovery process and helps to decrease the risk of future injury.


What Is Fitness Training?

Fitness training is typically thought of as a trip to the gym where you spend an hour running on the treadmill, using different machines to enhance localized muscle groups, and completing weighted strength training exercises, but here at Basis Medical, we have custom tailored our program to target athletic recovery and enhanced performance. Not only is physical fitness important for overall health and wellness, but regular activity can boost the healing process when an injury is present and it can even help to prevent injury and prevent the need for surgeries or medications.


Why Is Fitness Important?

Most research indicates that just 30 minutes of physical activity a day can provide a whole host of benefits, both physical and mental. Our bodies need regular physical activity and proper fitness training to maintain optimal health and reduce the risk for different diseases and risks that can be disabling. Other benefits of fitness training can include:

    • Reduced risk of heart attack
    • Proper weight management education and training
    • Lowered levels of blood cholesterol
    • Lowered risk for type 2 diabetes and some cancers
    • Lowered blood pressure
    • Stronger bones, muscles, and joints help decrease the risk of developing osteoporosis later in life
    • Lowered risk of falls or injuries that can be disabling
    • More rapid recovery from periods of hospitalization or rest
    • Overall improved quality of life through increased energy, elevated mood, and more restful sleep


Our Fitness Training Focus

At Basis Medical, our fitness training facility targets two categories of physical activity: therapeutic training and fitness training. While similar in practice, the theory guiding each physical therapy style is unique and distinct. The differences between therapeutic fitness and fitness training include:

Therapeutic Training

The goal of therapeutic training is recovery and rehabilitation from injury or age-related pain and discomfort. This type of training is typically utilized by our chiropractic or physical therapy team to help accelerate the healing process. The machines help to retrain specifically targeted muscle groups to enhance proper movement, encourage rotation, mobility, and optimal range of motion, as well as increase strength and flexibility to both accelerate the healing process and prevent future injury to the same area.

Therapeutic training also helps prevent and delay the natural deterioration of muscle, soft tissues, and bone density that is often seen with age. Our trainers are educated on the best practices for strengthening the musculoskeletal system while also working to increase stability and alignment.

Fitness Training

Our Delray Beach fitness training center is also optimal for one-on-one training and wellness education for people looking to increase physical activity in a safe and beneficial way. You can meet with any of our personal trainers for an individual and personalized session that identifies and targets problem areas or goals, and these sessions are great for becoming educated on what gym and at-home exercises can be done to reach those goals. Our team also provides nutrition and wellness resources for the most well-rounded and beneficial plan for you. Personal training services can also be utilized by professional athletes to help improve performance ability and heal injuries or strains that often occur during intense athletic performance.

We also offer a full optimal fitness plan for individuals looking to reach their goals, especially those in fitness or bodybuilding competitions looking to sculpt lean, enhanced muscle tone. Not only do we provide fitness plans, but our trainers are also able to put together supplement and nutrition plans that help to enhance the fitness process. We also host events, such as competitions or educational seminars, at our fitness facility.


Is Fitness Training Right For Me?

Even the most advanced and professional athletes can be injured due to strenuous performance or improper form, so when you’re just starting out with your fitness journey, it is important to have a competent guide. An experienced and trained professional coach can reduce the risk of injury by suggesting the right exercises that target specific muscle groups and problem areas as well as how to perform those exercises in a safe and effective way that will be both safe and beneficial. Our Delray Beach fitness training program offers a well-rounded approach to fitness through the expertise of our certified personal trainers. They are able to not only help you identify what your fitness goals are, but they can help you put together a fitness plan and a nutrition plan to optimize your training.

Our facility is perfect for individuals just starting out as a way to prevent injury through education, but we also pride ourselves in our chiropractic and physical therapy team’s ability to utilize this facility as a means for injury recovery. Physical activity is critical for injury recovery because it can help to strengthen and stretch the areas that have been injured, thus bringing the area back to an optimal range of motion and function with minimal pain.