Elbow Pain Chiropractic Wellness Treatments

Elbow pain is surprisingly common in America today, affecting roughly 2.5% of the US population annually. The causes of elbow pain vary greatly, although baseball, softball, and tennis seem to be the most common causes of elbow pain today. Finding comprehensive treatment for elbow pain is critical to restoring elbow function, range of motion, and of course freedom from pain. At our Palm Beach chiropractic and wellness center, our experts can help make all of these a reality.

Elbow Pain

Common Causes of Elbow Pain In Palm Beach County

While elbow pain can occur for a variety of reasons, the most common causes are certain sports or repeated activity that puts strain on the elbow. Baseball, softball, and tennis are major contributors to elbow pain, as consistently torquing the elbow can easily damage it through poor form or simply repeating a motion like this over time. Some trauma-related injuries can occur when someone puts too much stress on their elbow, causing a strain in a muscle or a sprain in a ligament. Just a few of the most common causes for elbow pain include:

    • Tendonitis (inflammation of tendons; frequently the cause of tennis and golfers elbow)
    • Tendonosis (tendon deterioration due to chronic overuse)
    • Bursitis (swelling of the lubricating tissue in joints)
    • Rheumatoid or Osteoarthritis
    • Pinched Nerve
    • Osteochondritis Dissecans (joint condition; most common in children and teens)
    • Accidents (such as work, sports, falls, or otherwise)

Getting an accurate diagnosis for the causes of elbow pain is a crucial step in finding relief from elbow pain. Depending on the specific issue, different therapies and treatments will be more or less effective.

Diagnosing Elbow Pain

Our wellness professionals at our Palm Beach chiropractic clinic can provide a fast and accurate diagnosis, develop an effective treatment plan, and put this plan into action quickly so that our clients can find relief as soon as possible.

We use a variety of therapies in treating elbow pain, using the most effective therapies for the specific causes of a client’s pain. Chiropractic care can help with the secondary issues associated with elbow pain, but there are other therapies that may directly improve elbow pain. For example, in cases of elbow pain that are caused by nerve or bone issues, laser therapy may be the most effective treatment. If the cause were muscular or tendon-related then massage and physical therapies may be most effective.

Elbow pain can certainly be unpleasant, although there are more reasons for seeking treatment than simply pain relief. If left untreated, these issues may worsen over time, leading to increased pain and decreased mobility. Some good signs that elbow pain may be worsening and may pose a further risk can include:

    • Pain When Using or Flexing The Hand
    • Chronic Pain, or Pain That Is Present When Not Using The Elbow
    • Decreased Elbow Mobility
    • Swelling or Bruising Around The Elbow
    • Pain Radiating From The Elbow

Experiencing any of these issues may indicate a worsening condition that is causing the elbow pain, and treatment should be sought immediately. Failure to get effective treatment can result in permanent damage to the elbow, and the potential to experience chronic pain. Come visit our Palm Springs chiropractor and wellness center, and let our professional team tailor a treatment plan for your specific issues, and free you from elbow pain for good.

Questions Your Palm Beach County Chiropractor May Ask

Elbow pain can arise from many different causes, and finding what the specific issue is can greatly speed up the treatment and recovery process. While many elbow pain treatment centers will immediately suggest expensive and time-consuming X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans, our experts will begin with a set of quick and easy questions. These questions can greatly speed up the diagnosis process and may be able to point us in the direction of effective treatment options without the need for expensive scans. Some of the simple, but informative questions that our elbow pain specialists may ask can include:

    • Do you have any pain when making a fist or opening doors?
    • Does the pain radiate from the elbow, or remain localized?
    • Any decreased range of motion?
    • Have you had a fever alongside elbow pain?
    • Any numbness or tingling in the affected arm?

These simple-sounding questions can enable a trained professional to rule out many potential causes of elbow pain, and hone in on the cause. This can allow us to formulate a treatment plan quickly and effectively while avoiding the costly and drawn-out process of getting a scan and waiting for results. The sooner we identify the issue, the sooner we can provide treatment, thus the sooner our clients can find relief. If you’re struggling with elbow pain, come visit our Palm Beach chiropractic wellness center, and find out how we can help free you from elbow pain today.