Wrist Pain Chiropractic Wellness Treatments

Wrist pain is one of the more common pain-related issues that affects roughly 6% of people on a weekly basis. Some causes of wrist pain may include traumatic injuries, but an increasingly common cause is low-impact, but repetitive tasks and movements. If someone wants relief from wrist pain, the professionals at our Palm Beach chiropractic wellness center can provide effective treatment and advice for how to remain free from wrist pain moving forward.

Wrist Pain

Common Causes of Wrist Pain in Palm Beach County

Falls can be one of the more common causes of a wrist injury, but the most common cause of short-term or chronic wrist pain is not necessarily a traumatic event like a fall. Repetitive tasks, bone or joint conditions such as arthritis, and bone or nerve issues are increasingly common these days. If someone is required to perform similar motions over and over again at work, this could increase their risk of developing wrist pain. Some of the most common causes of wrist pain can include:

    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (nerve issue; common among office workers)
    • Kienböck’s Disease (bone condition; common among younger people)
    • Arthritis (including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, and gout)
    • Diabetes
    • De Quervain Syndrome (tendon inflammation of the wrist behind the thumb)
    • Ganglion Cyst (usually harmless, but if they interfere with a joint or nerve they can be painful)

These are just a few of the causes of wrist pain, but there can be many more. Injuries such as falling, catching a ball awkwardly, or bone fractures can also cause wrist pain, and knowing the exact cause can go a long way toward getting effective treatment and relief.

Certain conditions, such as Kienbock’s Disease, can get much worse if someone goes without treatment, eventually reducing the range of motion of the wrist and often resulting in chronic pain. Getting comprehensive care as soon as possible can provide treatment options to not only reduce pain but also reduce the risk of future complications.

Diagnosing Wrist Pain

The first thing that must be done before treatment can be provided is to obtain an accurate diagnosis of the cause of wrist pain. Once the cause is understood, we can begin tailoring a treatment plan specific to that client and their particular issue. Since wrist pain can be caused by so many different things, there are many options to rule out before an effective treatment regimen may begin.

Our Palm Beach chiropractic wellness center uses a variety of therapeutic techniques in our treatment programs, and some of these therapies are more or less effective for certain issues. For instance, laser therapy may be more effective for bone or nerve-related issues, whereas physical and massage therapy may be more effective for muscular and tendon-related issues. Because of this, finding the exact cause of wrist pain is our first step towards relief.

There are some cases where wrist pain may resolve on its own. In cases of sprains or strains, if someone is careful to rest, compress, and ice their wrist then it may heal on its own. Other issues, however, may worsen over time. Some things to look out for that could indicate that the cause of wrist pain is worsening could include:

    • Reduced Range of Motion or Wrist Mobility
    • Swelling and Stiffness of the Wrist
    • Increased Numbness, Weakness, or Tingling
    • Redness or Warmth in the Wrist
    • Swollen Fingers
    • Pain that Worsens at Night

Here are just a few warning signs that wrist pain may just be the first sign of a potentially worsening condition. Some wrist issues can worsen to the point of requiring surgery, so getting a clear diagnosis as soon as possible may be able to prevent that unfortunate outcome. Getting professional care can provide a diagnosis as to the cause as well as some preventative treatment options that may also grant permanent relief from wrist pain.

Questions Your Palm Beach County Chiropractor May Ask

An accurate and timely diagnosis can make all the difference when someone is seeking relief from wrist pain. While some treatment centers will go to X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans right away, these scans can be expensive and time-consuming. While some issues require this type of fine-grained diagnostic approach, many do not. Our goal is to provide the highest-quality care to our clients as soon as possible, so we often begin by asking a few simple questions. Some of these questions may include:

    • Do you experience wrist pain only when using your wrist, or when it is at rest as well?
    • Does your wrist pain worsen at night?
    • Have you noticed any decreased wrist mobility?
    • Do you experience wrist pain more when your wrist is in certain positions?
    • How much red meat, seafood, or alcohol do you regularly consume?

These questions may seem very simple and innocuous, and they are to most people. When a trained wrist pain specialist hears the answers to these questions, they are able to quickly and accurately narrow down the causes of wrist pain, allowing treatment to begin sooner than if we waited for slow and expensive tests or scans. This can provide a good starting point for treatment, allowing our clients to find relief from wrist pain sooner. If you’re struggling with wrist pain, come visit our Palm Beach chiropractic and wellness center, and find out how we can help solve your wrist pain problems today.