Regenerative Medicine in Palm Beach Gardens

At Basis Medical, our regenerative medicine program in Palm Beach Gardens is intended to use the natural healing abilities of various enzymes and proteins to supercharge your physical recovery and wellness. This therapeutic regimen does not mask injuries and degeneration, but may actually be able to repair the damage done by accidents, wounds, and the normal wear and tear of aging.

About Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine involves the use of human-derived cytokines, growth factors, and scaffolding proteins to amplify the body’s natural healing and regenerative abilities. The benefits of using human-derived cells as opposed to exogenous drugs like steroids or painkillers is the relative safety that is afforded by using natural, human tissue cells. There is no risk of abuse and there is a very low risk of adverse reactions when compared to painkillers and steroids.

The cells used in our Palm Beach Gardens regenerative medicine treatments come from so-called “immune-privileged” sites in the body, so the risk of immune response and possible adverse reactions are extremely low. This reduced immune response coupled with the powerful healing properties of these growth factors makes them very effective at supercharging the regenerative abilities of the body in the most natural way possible.

The future of anti-aging lives in the science of Regenerative Medicine.

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

Uses For Regenerative Medicine


Our Palm Beach Gardens Regenerative Medicine Program

Patients typically report noticing improvement in the target area about 1 to 2 weeks after an injection therapy session. They are given a specific physical therapy regimen to follow afterward to promote further healing as the overall regeneration process will continue to work for up to 1 year after the injections have been performed.

Why Choose Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative Medicine is an ideal procedure to help restore the health, mobility, and comfort of the joints. Common target areas include the hip, knee, shoulder, elbow wrist, and ankle. Supplementing a procedure that actually encourages healing to the area by forming fresh, healthy tissue is a far better alternative to traditional therapies, such as steroidal injections and pain relievers. Regenerative Medicine therapies, therefore, offer the opportunity to rewind the clock on aging or injury-related degeneration.

Our Regenerative Medicine Provider

Basis Medical is proud to use Regenative Labs for our growth factors. To learn more about the company and their products, visit: https://regenativelabs.com

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