Slip and Fall Treatments In Delray Beach

Slip and fall injuries account for 20% of all reported injuries and usually occur within the home or, among elderly patients, in retirement homes or nursing home facilities. 1 in 4 people aged 65 and older will fall at least once a year and the risk increases after that first fall. It can sometimes be difficult to know whether or not an injury has occurred from a fall, especially since pain can be delayed days or even weeks after the incident occurs. Our chiropractors can help treat the pain caused by a fall-related injury in Delray Beach, and they can also help clients prevent future falls that may result in even worse harm to the body.


Complications After A Fall

Because some falls do not cause immediate pain or visible injury, many people fail to report their injuries or seek medical treatment. Like most accidents, pain can show up much later, sometimes days or weeks after the initial fall, but by that time the pain is unbearable and the injury unclear. Chiropractors offer a variety of treatment techniques that can treat pain associated with slip and fall injuries as well as give clients educational tools and exercises for preventing future falls.

Who Is At Risk For Slip and Fall Injuries?

Most accidents involving tripping, slipping, or falling occurs among elderly people, but some common causes or predispositions for injury due to falling are:

    • Lower Body Weakness or General Muscle Weakness
    • Vitamin D Deficiency
    • Balance-Related Issues
    • Certain Medications such as Tranquilizers, Sedatives, or Antidepressants
    • Vision-related Problems
    • Foot Pain
    • Home Hazards such as Uneven Steps, Rugs, or Other Clutter
    • Poor Hearing
    • Delayed Reflexes
    • Diabetes, Heart Disease, Thyroid Conditions, Nerve Conditions, and Other Conditions That May Impact Balance
    • Cognitive Issues Including Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia


Chiropractic Care for Slip and Fall Injuries

Our chiropractic team can provide a wide range of solutions for slip and fall injuries in Delray Beach. Different injuries may benefit from different therapies, so finding the right one for you is crucial for preventing further pain or complications. Some of the therapies and that we provide to treat slip and fall injuries include:


Preventative Care

Studies have shown that the best form of preventative care for elderly patients with an increased risk of injury due to falling includes improving joint mobility and overall patient mobility and preventing inactivity in the case that there is a fall. Chiropractic treatment plans have proved to be very effective in helping elderly patients, and anyone struggling with balance or other fall-related precursors, feel more confident in their ability to remain independent despite their increased risk for falling.

The most effective forms of preventative care for the elderly include:

    • Addressing balance problems related to postural instability and unsteadiness of gait, both of which are some of the top causes for balance-related falls in the elderly. Chiropractors can address balance problems through spinal manipulation and massage. Education on proper walking as well as realignment of the hips can give elderly individuals more confidence in steady walking which can prevent instability leading to falls.
    • Increased activity can strengthen the musculoskeletal system as well as promote blood flow and circulation. Chiropractors can help individuals establish at-home exercises and techniques that can help increase activity and strength.
    • Reduced fear can eliminate the expectation of falling which usually ends up causing a fall. By providing education on proper techniques for walking and posture, chiropractors can help their clients feel more confident.
    • Monitoring chronic conditions or current use of medications and their side effects is an important aspect of chiropractic treatment as having a full picture of all conditions helps the chiropractor come up with the best treatment plan. Being aware of the side effects of certain conditions can point treatment in a direction that targets issues such as weakness and lack of balance.
    • Manipulative therapy can help improve joint dysfunction due to soft tissue and neurological problems which will help to prevent fall-related injuries.


Injury Care

Roughly 1 in 5 falls causes a serious injury such as a broken bone or head injury, but for the rest of the people who fall, the injuries are not always visible or noticed immediately. It is important that victims of a fall seek medical attention, even if they feel that there is little to no injury to be treated. Chiropractors are not only cost-effective in those instances, but they also offer extensive examinations and X-Rays or other imaging techniques to pinpoint the area of injury. In doing this, you can feel safe in knowing that the chiropractor will either be able to treat your pain and discomfort or they will catch a more serious injury and refer you to a more specialized practice.


The Benefits Of Care After A Fall

Most injuries involve some sort of joint soreness or stiffness, pain in the neck, back, arms, legs, or hips, and in some cases, a healed fracture may still be causing some discomfort. Spinal manipulation can help move joints and the spine back into place, initiating and speeding up the healing process. Massage and manipulation techniques can promote blood flow and circulation back into the affected areas, again promoting faster and more effective healing.

The techniques used by chiropractors are also natural and non-invasive with no need or requirement for medication. This is an appealing route of pain treatment as it is also cost-effective and results can be felt immediately and for the long-term. If you are struggling with pain due to complications from a fall, come see our Delray Beach chiropractic wellness professionals and see how we can help you find freedom from pain today.