IV Therapy In Delray Beach

IV Therapy has proven to be the fastest and most effective way to deliver necessary nutrients throughout the body with a 90% absorption rate. It is more effective than oral supplements simply because nutrients are delivered directly to the bloodstream rather than having to pass through the gastrointestinal tract which can filter out the nutrients your body is needing. IV Therapy does not require a diet change or continued use of vitamins and other supplements making it a more convenient method of delivery for many people.


What Is IV Therapy?

This method of treatment is commonly used to deliver necessary vitamins or minerals directly to the bloodstream for a rapid and effective physical recovery. This type of therapy is customizable and can be used to treat a variety of injuries, illnesses, or conditions, and it is typically administered by a nurse through an IV drip. Often referred to as a cocktail, the highly customizable mixture of supplements can help improve hydration, energy, immunity, metabolism, detoxification, skin health, antioxidant levels, and much more.


Benefits Of IV Therapy

At our Delray Beach IV therapy program, we use this type of therapy as a beneficial way to treat symptoms directly through intravenous fluids that produce rapid and near-complete absorption of the vitamins and minerals in the mixture for immediate and lasting effects. This form of treatment can boost energy, instantly rehydrate the body, reduce reliance on supplements, prevent future symptoms associated with a lack of essential vitamins and minerals, and fight the effects of environmental toxins, all with immediate results and fast treatment times. The most common uses for IV Therapy include:


Hangover Relief

The direct introduction of hydrating fluids, energy-boosting vitamins, and other supplements that eliminate nausea, heartburn, and headache makes this therapy one of the most effective and fast-acting forms of hangover relief. Our Hydrate IV cocktail is most effective in alleviating hangover symptoms and helping you recover from a night out.

Athletic Performance Recovery

Intravenous injections of fluids, vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids can help improve energy levels and repair possible tissue damage after exercise or intense athletic performance. IV Therapy can help rehabilitate athletes in preparation for big events as well as ensure minimal damage to the body. This therapy may be combined with physical therapy and massage therapy to boost athletic performance and heal injured muscles more effectively. Our Vitality or Hydrate mixes can help aid in recovery from strenuous and intense athletic performance.

Immune System Support

Our Immunity IV therapy mixture can reduce the risk of catching a cold due by providing a natural boost in the immune system, or it can help alleviate the symptoms of sickness and promote faster healing and recovery. These vitamins and minerals can naturally aid your immune system to fight off disease or infection. The Immunity mixture was specifically designed for this purpose and contains a mixture of vitamins and minerals to aid and boost your natural immune system. Our Hydrate cocktail can also ease symptoms of cold and flu-like nausea and lack of energy or dehydration.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Anti-nausea and hydration mixtures can help to alleviate symptoms related to pregnancy, especially morning sickness. Here at Basis Medical, we offer anti-nausea boosters in our Hydrate formula that can help women who suffer from morning sickness find relief.

Migraine Headache Relief

Some mixtures of IV Therapy can help to reduce inflammation and reduce nausea for people who may experience that as a side effect of head pain. A combination of vitamins and minerals can offer some relief. The Hydrate formula is best for migraine relief.


How Does it Work?

When you come to our Delray Beach IV Therapy center, you will be evaluated by a nurse practitioner who can help decide which vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, or medications are needed. After preparing the IV mixture, the IV will be inserted into the arm and the fluids will take about an hour to fully absorb into the bloodstream. During that time, you will be comfortably seated and allowed to read, watch TV, or use your phone to occupy the time.

Effects can be felt immediately as nutrients are directly entered into the bloodstream and there are little to no adverse side effects that would prevent you from being able to leave as soon as treatment is done. This can also be done frequently, as there are little to no side effects, so clients can come to receive this replenishing and regenerative treatment as frequently as they please.


Our Menu

Here at Basis Medical, we offer a variety of mixtures and add-ons meant to target specific concerns. After the initial consultation, your nurse will determine the best mixture for you. Some of the more popular and effective mixtures we provide include:

    • Awaken: This mixture of ascorbic acid, methylcobalamin, magnesium sulfate, vitamin B-complex, trace minerals, and calcium gluconate combines to increase energy, improve mental clarity, and will leave you feeling supercharged and revitalized. It is priced at $175.
    • Cleanse: Using EDTA, methylcobalamin, vitamin B-complex, and glutathione push, this mixture is used to target, treat and eliminate unwanted toxins within the body. This treatment costs $200.
    • Immunity: Containing ascorbic acid, magnesium sulfate, trace minerals, and a glutathione push, this mixture helps to strengthen the immune system to prevent seasonal diseases or to boost a compromised immune system for quicker healing. $185.
    • Slim: This formula combines Meyers base, carnitine, and arginine to boost the metabolism and support the lymphatic system to naturally debloat and detox the body. $175
    • Vitality: The Vitality blend provides the body and the muscular system with nutrients to repair and boost anti-aging properties for optimal performance. It contains our Signature base, extra BCAA, and L-carnitine for $185.
    • Hydrate: This is most commonly used to cure hangovers through Meyers base, Zofran, and a glutathione push. It targets nausea and provides fluids to rehydrate the body. $185.
    • Radiate: Using the Signature base and extra BCAA’s, this cocktail hydrates for glowing, supple skin and provides nutrients for strong and healthy hair, skin, and nail growth. $175.


IV Boosters & Add-ons

We also provide boosters and add-ons that may be combined with certain menu mixtures for customizable effects. The Anti-Nausea Booster may be added to IV mixtures, while The Glutatione and Vitamin C Boosters may be taken intramuscularly (IM) on their own. Some of the IV booster add-ons include:

    • Glutathione Push: For $40, this can be added to any cocktail for an extra dose of antioxidants.
    • Vitamin C Booster: This $25 boost increases energy instantly.
    • Anti-Nausea Booster: This $25 boost of Zofran treats symptoms of nausea.


Is IV Therapy Right For Me?

IV therapy may not be for everyone, and we can provide consultations for each client to determine if IV therapy is suitable for their needs and situation. Certain types of immune disorders may contraindicate the use of IV therapy, but for the vast majority of people, there are minimal risks involved. The immense benefits provided by IV therapy alongside the very low risks mean that this therapy is available to most people who desire a rapid and thorough boost to their body and mind. Come by our Delray Beach IV therapy center and see if this effective treatment is right for you.