Motorcycle Accident Treatment In Delray Beach

Motorcycle accidents can lead to scary and life-threatening injuries that leave riders with disabling pain. Chiropractic care can be imperative for both pain management and rehabilitation of injuries sustained during motorcycle accidents in Delray Beach, leading to long-term recovery for those who have been injured.


Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

The most common injuries sustained by motorcyclists in accidents are those that involve the head, neck, lower back, lumbar spine, pelvis, and abdomen. Almost 80% of motorcycle accidents result in injury or death, and because motorcyclists are completely exposed, injuries that are sustained are typically more severe than those from car accidents. Because of the severity of those injuries, long-term treatment and care are often necessary for recovery and chiropractors are great resources for rehabilitation.

Roughly 66% of motorcyclists hospitalized for injuries are under the age of 39. These injuries can contribute to disability, chronic widespread pain, and limited mobility which can lead to prolonged complications throughout life. Though severe injuries caused by motorcycle accidents often lead to hospitalization or surgical care, chiropractors can offer rehabilitation services and pain management after the more severe injuries have healed. Chiropractors can also be utilized by motorcyclists for less severe injuries resulting in neck and back pain.


Chiropractic Care for Motorcyclists

Because motorcyclists are almost completely exposed during an accident, especially when not wearing a helmet, the injuries sustained are unpredictable and vary in severity. One of the most common injuries in motorcycle accidents involves the legs or foot. The spine and muscles in the back are often injured through fractures, herniated or slipped discs, and spinal misalignment. Motorcyclists often experience whiplash or hip and pelvic misalignment. Specific to motorcycle accidents is what’s known as “Rider’s Arm” which occurs when the rider uses their arm to brace for impact, resulting in shoulder, arm, and hand injuries. Each of these areas can be targeted by chiropractors for the specific needs of each client, and treatment plans are offered for rehabilitation of those specific injuries.

If injuries are not extremely severe and do not require immediate hospitalization, a doctor may recommend visiting a chiropractor for pain treatment. It is very important to seek treatment as soon as possible, even if there is little to no pain felt. The adrenaline of the accident can inhibit your ability to feel all of the pain from your injuries immediately, and though you may not be able to see the injury, associated pain can show up days, weeks, and even months later. By seeking treatment in the early stages of injury, chiropractors can help speed up the recovery process and the prognosis for a full recovery increases. In addition to improving the odds of someone making a full recovery, seeking chiropractic treatment after a motorcycle accident has a wide variety of benefits, including:

    • Hip or pelvis realignment through manipulative therapy and at-home exercises for continued treatment.
    • Whiplash treatment involving gentle adjustments to the neck and muscle stretching to help loosen neck muscles which can aid in treating headaches as well.
    • Realignment of the neck from fractured vertebrae can restore mobility, especially when combined with manipulative therapy and stretching.
    • Treatment of back injuries sustained from a severe and sudden impact that may have caused fractures, herniated or slipped discs, spinal misalignment, and soft tissue injuries. These treatments include manipulative therapy and massage therapy.
    • Therapy for leg or foot sprains or strains, and treatment for healed fractures that can help increase mobility.
    • Treatment for injuries sustained to the hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder from bracing for impact.


What to Expect

Because most injuries that come from motorcycle accidents in Delray Beach are severe and often result in hospitalization, chiropractic care is often used as a second form of rehabilitation meant to alleviate pain, increase mobility, reduce inflammation and elevate the overall quality of life. It is important to discuss chiropractic treatment with your primary care doctor as motorcycle injuries are specific and need special care. An initial exam with a chiropractor is a great way of discussing what treatments are available, how beneficial they will be, and what the best steps are for moving forward.

It is extremely important to be open and honest with your chiropractor about the severity of your injuries, what kinds of medical treatment (if any) that you had immediately after the accident, what medications or other injuries/treatments you’ve had in the past, and what the pain is like as these will all help them evaluate the situation and form a treatment plan based on their professional knowledge. Follow-up visits after the initial examination may include several 10 to 30-minute sessions a week for a few months depending on the level of rehabilitation necessary.

Treatments for these injuries are typically focused on enhancing mobility and reducing pain and inflammation so that patients can get back on their bikes as soon as possible and to prevent further disability.


Is Chiropractic Treatment Right For Me?

Injury treatment and pain management for motorcycle accidents usually involves a multifaceted approach that provides the best possible prognosis moving forward. It is important to have an open conversation with your primary care doctor concerning further steps that can be taken towards recovery. Many doctors will have chiropractic resources they value as part of their out-patient treatment plans for pain management without the use of medications and surgeries. Consult with your doctor about the options you have available and whether chiropractic care can help.

At Basis Medical, we offer some of the best chiropractic resources in Delray Beach to help you become as informed as possible about your continuing treatment plan for injuries sustained through a motorcycle accident. For a full recovery from these injuries as well as pain management and increased mobility, it is important to seek help as soon as possible.