Semi-Truck Accident Injury Treatment In Delray Beach

Accidents involving semi-trucks are serious and most people walk away with varying injuries that can lead to lifelong pain and disability. Seeking medical attention is important when it comes to healing, and chiropractic care has helped relieve many people of the pain and discomfort from their semi-truck accidents in Delray Beach through spinal manipulation, massage, and different exercises that can be done at home for continued pain management.


Common Semi-Truck Accident Injuries

Almost 21% of large truck accidents in 2018 involved injuries and 1% of those crashes were fatal. These accidents are so serious because of the size and weight of semi-trucks and the speed with which they collide with objects, both moving and stationary. Most often, the injured victims are not occupants of the semi-truck and come from nearby motorcycles, cars, bikes, and pedestrians. The injuries sustained can be severe as the impact carries great weight and size, so seeking help for the treatment of those injuries and associated pain is vital.

Injuries are typically related to the neck or back, head or brain, broken bones, harm to the ribs or torso region which can sometimes include internal damage, surface injuries such as bruising and cuts, and there is commonly some type of associated whiplash. These injuries can cause long-lasting and oftentimes disabling pain, and medical treatments can vary in intensity, cost, and duration. Chiropractic care is one form of treatment that can drastically reduce the pain and tension associated with accident injuries, and it can be a step in treatment that offers long term relief and recovery.


Chiropractic Care for Semi-Truck Accidents

The wide range and severity of injuries suffered from large truck accidents vary, however, most people will walk away with pain due to whiplash and other trauma to the body. Severe injuries should be directed to primary care doctors and hospitals, and immediate treatment is necessary for the best treatment outcomes, however, chiropractic practices can help in pain relief and extended rehabilitation services to provide individuals with long-term care post-accident. Some of the issues that chiropractic care can help treat after-the-fact can include:



Broken bones, surgeries, and extreme pain can all affect a person’s mobility, so early chiropractic treatment can ensure the best outcomes for improved mobility and improved quality of life. Massage therapy and stretching exercises are all part of chiropractic care plans that combine with spinal manipulation to provide the most effective treatment for a full recovery.



Whiplash occurs when a sudden impact due to collision forces the head to move back and forth rapidly. Associated symptoms are stiffness and pain in the lower head and neck region as well as pain radiating down the spine. These injuries are often associated with back pain and can be treated through techniques like spinal and neck manipulation or at-home stretching exercises. These treatments can also prevent headaches that are associated with whiplash.


Neck and Back Pain

Around 67% of people who seek treatment from chiropractors benefit from spinal manipulation to improve symptoms of pain associated with accidents or other health conditions. This is an effective treatment for neck pain and can help improve mobility and tension. Chiropractic spinal manipulation uses a combination of joint movement, massage, and exercise to alleviate joint pressure, reduce inflammation, and improve nerve function in the affected areas which will reduce pain and increase mobility.

Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment for Semi-Truck Injuries
Though severe trauma such as broken bones, internal injuries, and head and brain injuries should primarily be treated by specialized doctors and hospital staff, chiropractic treatment for a semi-ruck accident in Delray Beach can offer long-term relief for people with less severe trauma or for people who have healed and are still experiencing some form of discomfort. Because most chiropractic clinics offer X-Rays and MRIs to determine if there are underlying causes of pain that need different medical treatment, a consultation is safe and effective in continuing treatment. If it is determined that chiropractic care is the best plan, the benefits can include:

    • Pain relief in the neck, back, shoulders, and hips
    • Headache and tension relief
    • Increased blood flow and reduced inflammation
    • Increased mobility and flexibility

Treatments like spinal manipulation and massage help to alleviate acute and chronic lower back and neck pain effectively and early treatment (within 72 hours of the accident) can alleviate symptoms more quickly, effectively, and for the long-term. Combining this with exercise and education on ways to prevent future injury helps people reach full recovery with little to no pain related to the accident in the future. Many chiropractors offer a variety of treatments from manipulation to massage therapy, all of which can be utilized for the most effective treatment plans depending on the individual.


When Should I Seek Treatment?

It is critical to seek medical treatment for injuries from an accident as soon as possible, and the best prognosis for recovery suggests you should seek treatment within 72 hours of when the injuries were sustained. Depending on the severity, it may be critical to seek hospital care before you consider furthering treatment through chiropractic care, however many doctors will outsource to chiropractors when they feel their patients would benefit from it. Chiropractic treatment can be the first step for those with minor discomfort from whiplash, but it can also be utilized after surgeries or when broken bones heal to improve mobility and function of the injured area. Doing the research to see when it would be best to seek chiropractic care is important, and during most initial visits to chiropractic clinics, the chiropractor will complete an exam and use imaging techniques to verify that your injuries would benefit from manipulation, massage, or other forms of treatment.


Getting Treatment After A Semi-Truck Accident

If you have been injured in a semi-truck accident and are experiencing continued discomfort and pain, chiropractic care is the best form of treatment for pain alleviation long-term. The combination of services that our Delray Beach chiropractic professionals provide can improve many areas of pain and discomfort, allowing for improved overall health, wellness, and flexibility.