Sports Physical Therapy Delray | Why Physical Therapy is Important for Athletes

People who experience mobility issues that are related to pain will benefit greatly from seeking out the expertise of a licensed physical therapist. However, athletes or physically active individuals who suffer a sports-related injury or any form of physical limitation would need to receive Sports Physical Therapy Delray rather than general orthopedic rehabilitation. A licensed sports physical therapist exclusively deals with injuries as well as overall physical fitness that are related to sports and exercise. Their job is to balance nutrition, exercise science, physiological factors, and sports psychology to their patient’s treatment plan. They could use various techniques including massage, muscle strengthening, water therapy, electrotherapy, and core stability training.

Functional Testing

Functional testing can help a sports physical therapist determine the patient’s areas of improvement as their functionality and mobility are being assessed. This is done through a series of tests and measures where the patient is required to mimic the skills and movements that are necessary for their particular sport.

Customized Care

The information obtained in the assessment phase will be used to create a treatment plan that’s customized according to the patient’s needs. The sports physical therapist will select from sports-specific protocols that are position-specific as well. To give you an idea, a tennis player with a shoulder injury who wants to get back in the game will perform exercises that mimic swerves as well as forehand and backhand shots.

Elimination of Pain

To reduce or get rid of pain and discomfort, various manual techniques and therapeutic exercises along with manipulations with specific equipment such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and taping, are included in the patient’s plan of care.

Injury Recurrence Prevention

Since many sports injuries are associated with muscle weakness and faulty biomechanics, exercises and tools will be provided to restore and maintain your muscle and joint function as well as to prevent recurrence or further injury.

Elimination of the Need for Surgery

With Sports Physical Therapy Delray, you can hasten your recovery and eliminate the need for surgery.

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