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What is nutrition coaching and what are its benefits? Nutrition coaching is about teaching you how to be responsible for yourself. We help empower you as much as possible to take control of your life. Nutrition coaching Palm West Gardens is not only limited to teaching you how to account for the food you eat on a daily basis. We also teach you planning, responsibility, and life skills that would be beneficial to you in the long run.

The Difference Between a Nutrition Coach, Nutritionist, and a Dietician

Many people think that a nutritionist, a nutrition coach, and a dietician are the same. Although these three are undoubtedly related, they each maintain distinctive roles and qualities.

  • Dietician – Commonly referred to as a Registered Dietician. Dietitians abide by their respective state laws regarding a dietetic setting of individualized nutrition care. This includes diagnosis, development, nutrition assessment, evaluation, follow-up monitoring, and implementation of an individualized care plan.
  • Nutritionist – A person who advises on matters regarding food and how nutrition affects a person’s health. The profession of a nutritionist is much less protected under the law compared to a registered dietician.
  • Nutrition Coach – Sometimes referred to as a “health coach”, is a consultant, mentor, nutritionist, counselor, and motivator all in one. They are defined as professionals from different backgrounds and education who works with individuals and groups in a client-centered process. Their purpose is to empower their client to achieve self-goals related to health and wellness. They help their clients develop strategies like more physical activities in their daily routine, nurture good relationships, recommendations, and general nutrition information. Nutrition coaches teach clients how to become self-sufficient and how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

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