Massage Therapist in Palm Beach Gardens | 5 Reasons to Get a Massage

Did you know that a massage boosts your overall health? You’ll probably agree that an exquisitely intense rubdown can be a total godsend after a long day. You might want to book an appointment with your Massage Therapist in Palm Beach Gardens to learn why a good massage is like medicine for your body!

1. Boosts Your Immune System

Research proves that people who regularly get massages have higher levels of blood protein that protects the body from viral infections, tumors, and other pathogens.


2. Promotes Relaxation

Having a massage therapist press his or her fingers on a specific pain point, can help your brain contract muscle fibers for relaxation.


3. Enhances Your Mood

Studies show that a massage can increase your body’s serotonin levels by 28%, and dopamine by 31%. Since serotonin is the neurotransmitter that’s linked to happiness and dopamine is a neurotransmitter that’s involved in motivation—a massage can definitely make your day.


4. Reduces Stress

A massage is the perfect natural antidote to relieve stress by regulating your blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol (stress hormone) levels.


5. Resolves Digestive Issues

An abdominal massage can help relieve constipation and other digestive problems.


where can i find the best massage therapist in palm beach gardens?

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