Laser Pain Therapy Florida | How Does Laser Pain Therapy Work

Surgical lasers are increasingly common in medicine. It reduces the risk of injury, speed up recovery, and cut more accurately than surgical equipment. Laser pain therapy Florida is an alternative treatment for some types of pain that are often associated with the knee. Though this therapy is still considered to be experimental, some studies show that it can effectively relieve pain including knee pain. Researchers do not know yet the long-term risks of laser therapy since it is still relatively new.

Laser Therapy for Knee Pain

Laser therapy is also known as class III laser therapy, cold laser therapy, or low-level laser therapy (LLT). Proponents of laser therapy suggest it could treat ailments such as chronic pain, joint disorders, and arthritis. Unlike surgical lasers, cold lasers do not heat up the body’s tissues and cannot cut through or burn skin.

Does Laser Therapy Really Work

Can laser therapy really help with knee pain? Experts are quite unsure of the answer to this question. Though the preliminary research about laser therapy is promising, there is no conclusive proof that cold therapy lasers can treat pain. If it does work, it is unclear how or why. The lasers might improve circulation, release endorphins that fight pain, reduce inflammation, support cell health and growth of new, healthy tissue.

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Looking for Laser Pain Therapy Florida?

Laser pain therapy Florida is considered safe when performed under the care of a qualified practitioner or a doctor. It’s also non-invasive and painless. If you’re interested in laser pain therapy, contact Basis Medical today to speak with a physical therapist or a doctor to find out if it is right for you.